Monday, 30 May 2011


Email to Sir George Young MP  dated: Tuesday, 5 April, 2011 7:57


Dear Sir George

Thank you for your email. I await your further response as promised therein.
I am watching BBC Breakfast now, with Nick Clegg speaking on the National Health Service and the governments' aims for the future.

At present the National Health Service and it's stiffling beaurocracy are severly 'In Breach of their Duty of Care to all Sick People struggling to live through the Traumatic Experience of Poor Health.'

The really frightening side of all this is that people do not know what the word 'CARE' actually means even. Something that in her short lifetime Princess Diana attempted to show the true meaning of.

Princess Diana has left us with her two son's Prince William and Prince Harry. Prince William a rescue helicopter pilot, and shortly to marry.
Mainly all really sick people loose their apetite. So for starters this government can immediately save billions of pounds on the food front to stop the rampant chucking out of good food wasted.

When someone is very ill, they are put off by huge plates full of food placed before them. What they need is gentle food, more like the fruit corners and jellies on sale in the supermarkets. Jamie Oliver's imput on this may be your very best option for change and the right sort of change, on the National Health food front.
Kind regards, yours sincerely margaret

J Margaret Clarke

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