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Nuclear weapons 'outlawed' in an independent Scotland, says Salmond

"The leader of the SNP has said that if his party won power in an independent government it would make nuclear weapons illegal.

"Alex Salmond told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show that Trident, which currently resides at Faslane Naval base on the Clyde, would have to go.

"He also said a go-alone Scotland would remain a member of the European Union.

"Mr Salmond was being interviewed from Perth where his party has been holding its annual conference.

"The first minister was asked by the broadcaster to respond to UK government suggestions that moving Trident from Scotland would be "prohibitively expensive".

J Margaret Clarke Turfcall Comment

ALEX SALMOND is right to be seeking to find a way to set the people of Scotland free. We in England and Wales too are in desperate need of finding same.

We have to go on and on putting up with each and every day blighted by an ancient political system not fit for purpose. Thoughtless oppression,  medieval evil.


UK banks receive £37bn bail-out
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"The government is to pump billions of pounds of taxpayers money into three UK banks in one of the UK's biggest nationalisations.

"Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Lloyds TSB and HBOS will have a total of £37bn injected into them. In return for the investment, the government will get a say in how the banks are run, including controls over the bonuses paid to management. BBC business editor Robert Peston said the banks faced "absolute humiliation". It would "count as perhaps the most extraordinary day in British banking history", he added.

George Osborne's present financial dictatorship a no, no, no. The Banks medieval stranglehold, creeping over decades  'Ripping Off the People of Britain'  ....  how on earth have successive  governments ongoing over decades allowed banks to get so wrong?  Now in 2012 government are looking to the poor and vulnerable people struggling  to make ends meet to make up for the government's  banking scandals  in a desperate attempt to get the money they need to cover up their shocking negligence. The bankers are the ones who now need to pay up,  to pay back the huge bonuses they have been taking themselves  over decades. People are being turned out of their homes, being left homeless in the street, how can such as this ever be right? The consequences left to be suffered by others, the poor and vulnerable? No, no no

The question is did any of these banks deserve to be saved by the hard earned tax payers cash? Bankers operate like one way streets, one way for only themselves. No way for their customers end of story. Put up and Shut up. How can any of this ever be right? Why is it allowed to be going on? The foundation structures of the Halifax Bank is shocking to experience, there is no true sound foundation structure, so far removed from same to be unbelievable. Why is this being allowed? Why should the poor be expected to put up with the likes of this?

The Political Government, the Legal Profession upsides the Banks, and what is termed to be the Multi Billion Pound British Horseracing Industry in the first breath, and in the  second breath a Charity .... in the 'Rip Off Britain Stakes''   ongoing over decades getting worse and worse. Successive governments couldn't care less about the British people, no idea what true caring really is ...  so long as they can get the people to turn out to vote, after that 'put up and shut up' will suit best.  BLOODHORSE ILLITERACY within  British horseracing government choking the very life blood out of this unique and remarkable sport. A British bloodhorse illiterate horseracing government not fit for purpose. Making an already dangerous sport into a lethal sport of death and destruction.  Our own Queen Elizabeth together with Prince Charles, Zara Phillips and her Mum and Dad, Monty Roberts, Kelly Marks, Sir Henry Cecil, Sir Michael Stoute, Sir Mark Prescott, William Haggas, Lydia Pearce,  Julie Cecil,  Paul Cole, Haley Turner, Jonjo O'Neill, Nicky Henderson, John Francome  all understand and know what true professional bloodhorse literacy means. All know what true caring means. All put the Great back into Britain every day, of every week, of every month, of every year. All have achieved true bloodhorse literacy in their own right, both in the saddle and out of the saddle, both in theory and in practice. Yet they are having to put up with being governed by a bloodhorse illiterate horseracing government. Such an unbalanced government as this is not fit for purpose.

ALEX SALMOND a gentle man looking to find an alternative, something far better for the Scottish people,  something that we all should be aiming to help him find  as well, instead of allowing ancient medieval evil to go on shattering peoples daily lives as is happening at present. AND has been left ongoing already for far, far, far too long.

Governments who have allowed the British political system to get so wrong.
Governments who have allowed the British Legal Justice System to get so wrong.
Governments who have allowed British Banks to get so wrong.
Governments who have allowed British horseracing government to get so wrong.
Governments who have allowed the Medical profession to get so wrong.
Etc .... 

Minding Generous
Taking care of Generous

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