Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Bill Turnball and Susanna Ried bring us BBC Breakfast this morning.
Introducing the in tune violinist David Garrett
David plays using a Stradivarius Violin.

What would happen if David played his Violin out of tune? It would be like BHA Paul Roy attempting to riding Frankel in a race, a complete disaster. First of all he would have no chance, because Frankel is minded within the British Equus Zone by the bloodhorse literate.

Bill and Susanna bring us news about British Hospitals

Stafford Hospital deaths 'a betrayal' says health secretary

26 March 2013 Last updated at 15:52  Help

"Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been setting out the government's response to an inquiry into the scandal at StaffordHospital, where neglect contributed to the deaths of hundreds of patients between 2005 and 2009.

"In a statement to the Commons, Mr Hunt called the events at the hospital ''a betrayal of the
worst kind. However he said what had happened there could be a catalyst for change."

J Margaret Clarke Turfcall Comment
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt within the present government is noted to be jostled along, moved on from one post to another by governments.

This week we can observe Jeremy Hunt in full flow with his negative fob off "Lip Service" bla, bla, bla style, blaming all the nurses, for shocking government failure ongoing over decades. Posh speech is all the attention needed by this politician according to government working practices. A few well chosen words to make out the Hospitals are all now sorted out. What sort of misleading lie is this?

Typical this man is being paid alot of money every week to do his job, so when is he going to start to do it? Will he ever be capable of taking his responsibilities seriously and stop blaming the nurses for shocking "Rip Off Britain" government failures? The problems are found to be at the top not as the bottom of Hospital management. Government buck stops here. Stark exposure of failed political system right across this country. Who cares about the true rights and needs of the British people, to include the four legged variety, certainly not the politicians. PUT UP AND SHUT UP THE ORDER OF THEIR DAY, EVERY DAY.


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